First Day Of Semester 2 06/07

After a little more than a month worth of holidays, semester 2 of academic year 2006/2007 finally started today. Must work extra hard this semester, hopefully can pull up my crappy GPA of 3.18 to maybe about 3.2 or 3.3. Bit by bit, before I graduate hopefully my GPA can be above 3.5. All of my modules this semester are mostly theory based, unlike last semester where I spent so much time on CS11o2 and I only get B+. That sucks.

Caught One Last Dance, 茶舞 at GV Marina and that show sucks. It is too artistic for a normal movie goer. That was the first movie I watched in 2007 and it sucks.

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My Dream PC In 2008 Part II

Posted my dream PC specifications a while back in August 2006, and some of the specs seems a little bit unrealistic.

Have been doing some research recently. The Intel Core 2 Quad which will goes into main stream sometime this years is called Kentsfield (Core 2 Quad). According to Wikipedia, the 2 main models are Q6600 (2.4GHz) and Q6400 (2.13GHz). Kentsfield is not really a true quad core processor, it is just basically two separate Conroe (Core 2 Duo) cores in one socket, and there will be a bottleneck in terms of bandwidth.

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Year 1, Semester 2 Modules

I will be taking the following modules for my first year, second semester:

EC1301 – Principles of Economics (4 MCs) [1 PT]
FNA1002X – Financial Accounting (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS1105 – Computing and Society (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS2250 – Fundamentals of Information Systems (4 MCs) [1 PT]
CS2261 – Enterprise Systems Development (4 MCs) [1 PT]

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Updated 4 Of My WordPress Plugins & 1 New WordPress Plugin

I have released updates for 4 of my WordPress plugins namely, WP-Polls 2.13, WP-PostRatings 1.05, WP-Stats 2.06 and WP-UserOnline 2.06. These 4 plugins have been internationalized. You can now easily localize it by translating it into your own language by modifying the .po file that is inside the zip with PoEdit.

I have also release 1 new plugin called WP-Ban. It enables WordPress Admin to ban users by their IP or host name from visiting your WordPress site. When the banned users visit your WordPress Site, they will get a message which can be edited via WP-Admin -> Options -> Ban -> Ban Message.

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