Been staying in school till 1am since last week, rushing my CS3216 project. I am gotten so sick of Facebook programming especially having to wait for 10 seconds for the page to load each time I changed something. I think Facebook should have some sort of “offline” Facebook, where we can deploy it on our localhost and test it first before uploading it to a live server.

On Friday, I stayed till about 1am in school, after school went to Li Xiang’s house for supper as she specially prepared the supper for me. After supper, she surprise me with a penguin sewing. I always call her penguin because last time she walked like one. She dare not touch raw meat at all, but after realizing that Bacon is a raw meat, it was kinda too late for anything to be done. LOL

Campbell’s ABC Soup


Sausage Wrap With Bacon

Penguin’s Sewing

Thank you dear for the wonderful home cooked supper. I really appreciate it. Looking forward for more home cooked food from you =D