I have brought forward the launch of lesterchan.net a few days in advanced as I may not be free on the 9th June 2008 which is the original intended date of launch.

After more than 4 years of using the same layout, the old layout (version 2.0) has been finally replaced with this newer (version 3.0) layout. I think some of you may find this layout a little dull as compared to the previous layout because of the colors used. I am trying to come out with a variety of color schemes if possible because of the colors are controlled by CSS, the only limitation is choose the color. Do note that I am not a designer but a programmer. Most programmers are poor designers and most designers are poor programmers.



  • Add Playlist Page
  • Add sitemap.xml
  • Update favico.ico

Feel free to browse through the whole site if you have not been doing so for a very long time as most of the pages has been updated.

All the old URLs should be redirected properly to the new URLs, I have spent quite a lot of effort to ensure that.

You can report bugs in the comments =)