Thanks to Hwee Tong and Sharon for the gala invite for the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at Cineleisure! The movie opens this Thursday, 27th May 2010 islandwide!

The movie lasts about 2 hours and it is pretty action packed movie from the start to the end. The sand animation is good, something we have not seen before. Just as when you thought water animation is difficult, I think sand animation is equally difficult. There are some scenes that will make you go WTF are they doing kissing in the middle of a life and death crisis. As the movie is set in the desert, the whole movie practically takes place in the day.

Saw the trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Can’t wait for it!

Copy + Paste from Wikipedia

The plot follows Dastan (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), a street urchin in the Persian Empire in the sixth century. After showing courage in the market place, he is adopted by the king as his heir, so the king’s two sons will not fight over the throne. Later on, he teams up with Princess Tamina (played by Gemma Arterton) to stop a common enemy – the villainous nobleman Nizam (Ben Kingsley) and to take from him an ancient dagger known as “The Dagger of Time” (a valuable dagger which gives to its owner the ability to go back in time for short periods and change the past) and keep him from generating a sandstorm which could destroy the world.

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