While I was in Vietnam over the weekends, my brother offered to help me get the Western Digital Elements Desktop 1TB harddrive from Comex 2010 at Bizgram stall. I am going to use the HDD for my MacBook Pro Time Machine backup.

Western Digital Elements

Western Digital Elements Portable 320GB- S$69.90
Western Digital Elements Portable 500GB- S$89.90
Western Digital Elements Portable 750GB- S$129.90
Western Digital Elements Portable 1TB – S$169.90Western Digital Elements Desktop 1TB – S$109.90
Western Digital Elements Desktop 1.6TB – S$139.90
Western Digital Elements Desktop 2TB – S$169.90

Source: Western Digital Elements Pricelist

Western Digital My Passport/Book

Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB – S$99.90
Western Digital My Passport Essential 750GB – S$139.90
Western Digital My Passport Essential 1TB – S$179.90

Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB – S$119.90
Western Digital My Book Essential 2TB – S$179.90

Source: Western Digital Pricelist

I prefer the WD Elements than WD My Book Essential simply because WD Elements is a no nonsense HDD, it does not include all those crap software like SmartWare within the HDD . It is just the HDD and nothing else. Also it is S$10 cheaper than Western Digital My Book Essential. Check out the comparison chart. I also prefer the Matt Black finish of the WD Elements than the Piano Black of WD My Book Essential.

Box Front

Box Contents

Matt Black

USB & Power Port

Power Indicator At The Back

Time Machine