I have integrated Flickr API with this site using Dan Coulter‘s phpFlickr. The newly added gallery page is called Flickr Gallery. The gallery lists all the photos I have uploaded to my Flickr account. As you can see, I no longer upload photos directly to this site gallery anymore as it is a PITA to manage them. I have since moved on to Flickr for all my photos.

Here are some of the Flickr APIs that I am using for the gallery:

The weird part about Flickr API is that it does not return my collection views properly. For some reasons it is always 0 and I am guessing that no one viewed the collection yet (DOH!). But it would be good if they accumulate all the views in the sets and counted it towards the collection views.

Also all the stats API does not return the total number of views for that particular collection or set. I have to always pass in a date in order to get a view count for that particular date.

PS: If you like my gadgets picture, you will like the Me Collection on Flickr! I can’t think of a proper name, so I decided to use the word “Me”.