After receiving Microsoft press release for launching Windows Phone 7 to Singapore, 5 minutes later, I got a SingTel press release entitled “SingTel brings Windows Phone 7 to Singapore”

The press release is pretty long, so I am not going to paste it here. I will summarize the press release into point form:

  • Windows Phone 7 will be available from 21st October 2010 onwards
  • SingTel apps like AMPed and MobileTV will be integrated into Microsoft Marketplace
  • The phone will come preloaded with SingTel’s Xplorer and TrafficeLIVE app
  • SingTel will offer Windows Phone 7 with 3 handset models:
    1. Samsung Omnia 7
    2. HTC HD 7 (Exclusive to SingTel)
    3. LG Optimus 7
  • SingTel will introduce three enhanced Windows Phone 3G Flexi price plans:
    1. Windows Phone 3G Flexi Lite Plan
    2. Windows Phone 3G Flexi Plan
    3. Windows Phone 3G Flexi Plus Plan
SingTel Windows Phone Price Plans
SingTel Windows Phone Price Plans

PS: The prices for the Windows Phone 7 handsets is not stated in the press release and I can’t seem to load the official site for SingTel’s Windows Phone 7.

Official Site: SingTel’s Windows Phone 7