The Social Network (IMDB) (Wiki) is essentially a movie about how Facebook got started by Mark Zuckerberg in his Harvard Dormitory room.

I doubt some parts of the story is true like Mark owned 51% of Facebook but actually he owns 24% of it. But perhaps things change over the years.

Some parts are true like how Sean Parker the co-founder of Napster is involved in Facebook, Harvard Connection, etc.

I wonder does Mark Zuckerberg Facebook namecard really says “I am a CEO, bitch”.

Bill Gates does a cameo in the movie talking about BASIC but it was not actually him but the no. 1 Bill Gates impersonator in the world. However the voice is real.

The computer OS used in the movie is Linux and not Windows or Mac. Some technical jargons were used in the movie like Apache Config, PHP, Perl, WGET, EMAC, etc.

Overall it is a pretty good movie, I strongly recommend you to catch it.

PS: Mark Zuckerberg is born in the same year as me (1984) and so is Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress. Mark is worth US$6.9 billion which makes him the world’s youngest billionaire!