Was invited to the screening of the The Event (Wikipedia) by Universal Channel. I heard of The Event on Hardware Zone Forums way before that but totally forgotten about it.

From Wikipedia:

The Event (typographically stylized THE EVƎNT) is an American political thriller and science fiction television series created by Nick Wauters for NBC. The show centers on three plots: Sean Walker, a computer programmer, whose girlfriend is kidnapped; President Elias Martinez, who must deal with detainees at Mount Inostranka; and the detainees themselves and their non-terrestrial origin.

After watching the premiere yesterday, I find it is a mix of the conspiracy theory in Prison Break with Flash Forward. There is a cliff hanger in every episode of The Event, but it will always be revealed in either the next or subsequence episode unlike Flash Forward where it only get revealed at the end of the whole season and perhaps that is the reason why it was canned after the first season.

Personally I dislike the flashback of multiple timeline of The Event, it is quite confusing at the start of each episode but nevertheless at the end of each episode, they manage to glue them together.

The Event will premiere today, Wednesday, 20th October 2010 at 9pm on Universal Channel (StarHub 512) and there will be 22 episodes in season 1.

Will be adding the The Event to my “to watch” list on top of my weekly dose of The Fringe and The Mentalist.