I wanted to get the Simplism DockCarabiner Neo for iPhone during the PC Show 2011 back in June 2011 but the black color was sold out on the second day. I went back on the third day but there was no re-stock. It was only selling for S$13.20 at Epicentre.

Ever since then I have been checking out various branches of Epicentre, but all of them do not have the black color. I also saw it at DG Lifestyle Store at VivoCity but they do not have black as well. But I left my name with them and ask them to call me when they have re-stock for black color.

They didn’t call me as expected but I happened to drop by VivoCity 2 days ago and saw the black color! Of course, I got it immediately!

It was retailing for S$18 but CitiBank credit card have a 10% discount, so after discount is S$16.20.

Don’t be fooled by the dock carabiner, once it is plugged into the iPhone’s dock connector, it is pretty strong, you can lift your iPhone with the dock carabiner and it will not drop.


Simplism DockCarabiner Neo for iPhone

DockCarabiner Neo on iPhone 4