Got the Bluelounge POP from DG LifeStyle Shop located at VivoCity for S$18. The service from that shop is getting from bad to worst. If not because the Bluelounge POP is not sold elsewhere in Singapore, I would not be bothered getting from that shop.

The Bluelounge POP is essentially a cable winder that makes use of suction cup to attached itself to the back of your gadget as long as the surface at the back is smooth. Once it is attached, you can wind the wires of your headphone around it.

The package also comes with clear adhesive and gloss plate for you to paste at the back of your gadget if it does not have a smooth back.

It also comes with 10 decorative decals for you to stick on your Bluelounge POP which the color black may look dull for some users.

Bluelounge POP Packaging

Bluelounge POP

Bluelounge POP Attached To iPhone 4