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Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand

The Bluelounge Posto is the Bluelounge’s version of a headphone stand. It comes in three pieces and hence a one-time assembly is required. It comes in two colors, Black or White.

I bought mine from Paragon Department store located inside Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand, for TH฿750 (S$30).

Bluelounge Posto - Box Front
Bluelounge Posto – Box Front

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Bluelounge Kii

Bluelounge Kii started selling in Singapore this week and is retailing for S$49. I got mine from EpiCenter at JEM.

Kii is a compact charger-connector (Apple Lightning or Apple 30-pin) that fits on your keychain. For the Apple Lightning connector, 2 colors are available, black or white while for the Apple 30-pin only black is available. It seems that EpiCenter is only selling the Kii with Apple Lightning connector (both black and white).

Bluelounge Kii - Box Front
Bluelounge Kii – Box Front

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Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium)

Bought the Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium) from Funan’s Challenger for S$39 (member’s price: S$35.10). I already own a Bluelounge Milo (Original) which I bought almost 2 years back.

Even though the aluminium is S$20 more expensive, I love every aspect of it. The build is solid and weighs slightly heavier than the original (40g vs 12g). Because of this, when the Milo is placed on the table, it more stable when supporting a slightly heavier mobile device.

Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium) - Box Front
Bluelounge Milo (Aluminium) – Box Front

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Bluelounge Mika

The Bluelounge Mika is a all-in-one stand that is able to support iPhone, iPad and the MacBook Air/Pro. It is make of a solid block of aluminium with soft rubber at the edges to prevent inflicting scratches to your gadgets.

The Bluelounge Mika is retailing for S$49 and you get it from DISTEXPRESS or Apple Premium Resellers like Epicentre, Infinite and Challenger stores.

Bluelounge Mika - Box Front
Bluelounge Mika – Box Front

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Bluelounge Milo

Bluelounge Milo is a mobile phone stand but with a twist! It has a micro suction area that allows you to place your mobile phone in any desired angle! For my case, if I am resting my iPhone on it vertically, it just leans against the back. However, I also can place it horizontally because the micro suction will hold on my iPhone without the need for it to rest of any base.

The Bluelounge Milo cost US$14.95 (S$18.90).


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Bluelounge Kicks

Bluelounge Kicks is a small, thin, silicone-rubber rails that prevent your iPad from slipping, scratching and damage. Once it is applied, you can lean your iPad 2 against the edge of your table while you rest the iPad on your lap.

The rubber rails provide a better grip against the edge of the table and hence providing you a fix and stable position while you read you ebooks or surf the Internet on your iPad.


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Bluelounge Extra Connectors

I got the Bluelounge Extra Connectors (Micro USB) for US$5.95 (~S$7.22) for my Bluelounge The Sanctuary as I needed an extra Micro USB port to charge both my HTC Destire and HTZ Mozart at the same time.

If you just ship the Extra Connectors to Singapore, it cost US$2.53 (~S$3.07) for USPS (First Class Mail International Parcels). Since I am already buying the Bluelounge MiniDock, I just need to top up US$1 more for the shipping cost.

Box Front

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