Cubby: Coat-hook + Storage Unit is a Kickstarter project that got funded middle of this year on the 6th May 2012. They raise a total of US$53,707 despite the initial goal is only US$29,000.

When you backed the project, you can get Cubby for US$19 (S$23.20) and international shipping is an additional US$8 (S$9.76).

I did not back this project as I didn’t know about it till it was over. If you are like me and miss the opportunity, you can get the Cubby from Goodiebox for S$49 excluding local delivery charges.

What Is Cubby? (Taken From Kickstarter)
Cubby is the ultimate anywhere hook that also allows you to store items like sunglasses, cellphones, wallets, spare change, and gloves.

Its large diameter won’t stretch out your collars and is big enough to securely hang purses and laptop bags. Cubby merges the nostalgia of a kindergarten cubby with a cool, modern form, putting a sophisticated adult spin on the kid classic.

They are great for entry-ways, mudrooms, pool rooms, garages, and kids’ rooms. A single Cubby would look and work great on the wall in an office or dorm room, while a group of them is perfect for the whole family.

Cubby Close-Up
Cubby Close-Up
Cubby Side View
Cubby Side View

Installing the Cubby is straightforward yet troublesome. It is troublesome because you need to make a hole in your concrete wall by drilling. And most Singaporean family don’t like the hassle of drilling (my family included). I wish they have another variant which involves using 3M adhesives tapes to mount it on the wall.

Cubby - Unmount - Side View
Cubby – Unmount – Side View
Cubby - Unmount - Front View
Cubby – Unmount – Front View
Cubby - Unmount - Back View
Cubby – Unmount – Back View
Cubby - Provided Screws
Cubby – Provided Screws
Cubby - Installation
Cubby – Installation

More From Goodiebox
Goodiebox‘s tagline is bringing Kickstarter to Singapore. Alongside Cubby, there is also a few more items from Kickstarter like Une Bobine, Recoil Winder and the upcoming Pebble Watch.