I have not heard of Martian Notifier before, but apparently they do have pretty nicely designed watch that incoporate analog clockface and will display notification from your phone through it’s smart notifications app.

Martian Notifier - Wear
Martian Notifier – Wear

Martian Notifier’s Smart Notifications App
Martian Notifier’s Smart Notifications App allows three unique levels of notification support: it first lets you filter the notification types you want sent to the watch, so you receive only those that are most important to you. It secondly allows customized vibration patterns for each type of alert, letting you know if you’ve just received, for example, an email, text message or news alert without even looking at your watch, let alone your phone. Finally, you can recall the most recent message with just a tap of the watch face, or scroll through multiple past notifications for a quick review.

The Martian Notifier features an integrated OLED readout that delivers real-time alerts and notifications from the convenience of your wrist including Caller ID, Calendar, Weather, texts, email (POP or IMAP), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, favorite games, bank alerts, fitness stats, news headlines, and all other alerts your smartphone allows.

In addition, Martian Notifier offers several convenience-oriented features: a touch of a Notifier button activates your smartphone’s speakerphone, enabling hundreds of voice commands to control music, check a sports score, get directions, search the web, create a reminder or appointment, and more. You can also decline an incoming call, set silent vibrating alarms that only you will sense, get a once-an-hour tickler to remind you to take a break, turn on an LED light to see in a dark room, control your phone’s camera shutter, and more.

Martian Notifier is compatible with both iOS and Android. For iOS, if you are on iOS 7 or higher, it has the ability to receive every notification that is shown in the iPhone’s Notification Center.

For Android users you can just receive notifications from any app that is installed on your phone.

The Martian App and Watch menus will support English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Texts and emails will appear on the watch in almost any language in which they are sent (Western languages and most Asian languages).

Price & Availability
Martian Notifier is retailing for S$199 and it is available in three colors, Black, Red or White. You can get them from Axtro Sports website or their office at #02-01 Peninsula Shopping Centre. In addition, the Martian Notifier will also be available at selected retailers:

  • DigiVue @ Funan IT Mall
  • Perfect Watch @ Sim Lim Square
  • Technobay @ Tangs Orchard (Level 4)
  • Courts Megastore
  • EpiCentre
Martian Notifier - Back
Martian Notifier – Back
Martian Notifier - Red
Martian Notifier – Red
Martian Notifier - White
Martian Notifier – White