Canon Online Store (Singapore) was officially launched last week on the 22nd September 2015 as a one-stop e-commerce platform offering the full range of Canon consumer products and services to customers at their convenience.

The online store accepts both local and foreign credit cards for delivery to customers residing in Singapore.

Unlike Apple, delivery is only free for purchases above S$200. If your purchases are under S$200, you have to pay S$15 for delivery.

Canon Online Store (Singapore) - Home
Canon Online Store (Singapore) – Home

I wish they can reduce the minimum purchase to about S$80? Is not like you will be getting a new camera or lens everyday. I foresee people will use it to buy consumable items like paper or printer’s ink/toner cartridges often rather than something expensive.

Canon Online Store (Singapore) - Consumables
Canon Online Store (Singapore) – Consumables