Galaxy Note7 customers who opt to exchange their device for a Galaxy S7 edge, valued at S$1,098, will receive an additional S$250 in cheque. Those who opt for a refund will receive the full retail value of the Galaxy Note7 at S$1,168 in cheque.

Both options are available to all Galaxy Note7 customers, regardless if they purchased their original device from telecommunication operators, consumer electronics stores, authorised retailers, Samsung Official Store at or Samsung Experience Stores, and do not affect any pre-existing contract that the Galaxy Note7 owner has with the telecommunication operators.

Samsung Concierge customers
Samsung Concierge customers who opt to exchange their Galaxy Note7 device for the Galaxy S7 edge will have their Samsung Concierge services transferred to their Galaxy S7 edge and updated to take effect from the date of the exchange. Samsung Concierge customers who choose to receive a refund for their Galaxy Note7 will receive a refund of $38 for their Samsung Concierge in cheque.

Galaxy Note7 owners with original Samsung accessories
Samsung will refund the retail value of the following original Samsung Galaxy Note7 accessories in exchange for the return of these accessories.

  • Galaxy Note7 S View Standing Cover – S$68
  • Galaxy Note7 Clear View Cover – S$68
  • Galaxy Note7 LED View Cover – S$78
  • Galaxy Note7 Leather Cover – S$48
  • Galaxy Note7 Clear Cover – S$18
  • Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover – S$88
  • Galaxy Note7 Back Pack – S$128

The home delivery service provider will verify that the returned accessories are from the list of original Samsung Galaxy Note7 accessories before providing the refund in cheque.

How to go about the Exchange or Refund
Beginning 26 October 2016 and until 6 November 2016, Galaxy Note7 customers can visit to select their preference for an exchange or a refund, and provide their details for a free home delivery. The free home delivery is offered whether the Galaxy Note7 customer chooses an exchange or a refund.

Galaxy Note7 owners will be able to indicate the following on the website.

  1. Select Exchange or Refund
  2. Select preferred Galaxy S7 edge colour for Exchange customers, subject to availability
  3. Select the original Samsung Galaxy Note7 accessory to be refunded
  4. Select preferred time slot from available home delivery slots

The system will register the transfer of Samsung Concierge service for Samsung Concierge customers who opt for exchange, and it will register the refund for Samsung Concierge customers who opt for refund.

Customers will need to provide the following details when logging in to arrange for the exchange or refund.

  1. Full name as per bank account
  2. NRIC or FIN number
  3. Mobile contact
  4. Email address
  5. Home delivery address

During the home delivery, customers will receive the cheque(s) for the amounts due to them, in exchange for the Galaxy Note7 device and any applicable original Samsung Galaxy Note7 accessories to be returned.

All Galaxy Note7 customers are required to back up their data using Samsung Smart Switch, delete any data or other personal material stored in the device, and reset their device ahead of the home delivery.

Samsung channel partners can email to to discuss the remedy for their Galaxy Note7 stocks.

For more information or further assistance, consumers can visit or call 1800-SAMSUNG (7267864).