The weather has been warm these days, with temperatures reaching more than 30°C at night.

Thanks to Synced for sending me the perfect gadget, Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner, for review during these warm days.

The Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner is retailing on Synced for S$169 and is available in two colors, Black and White.

The Torras Coolify has 36 vents to blow air around your entire neck. It comes with a 4-channel air cavity and a 5,000 rpm motor.

In terms of battery life, it comes with a 4,000 mAh battery that can last you up to 8 hours. A full charge of the battery takes about 2.5 hours.

What makes the Torras Coolify different from the rest of the portable neck fans out there that retails for S$25 is the Ku Peltier Radiator.

From Sync own review of the Torras Coolify, here is how it works:

To simply put, a radiator is a heat exchanger used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for cooling and heating.

In this case, it is mainly used for what is called semiconductor refrigeration. When the device is activated, the radiator in contact with your skin becomes extremely cold by transferring the heat from inside the device to the external environment. The cooling sensation is immediately felt by your body and is primarily the science behind lowering your body temperature. If you’re slightly concerned about whether this is harmful, you’d be glad to know that this process is generally harmless and is akin to putting an ice pack on your neck.

The packaging feels premium, with dual boxes.

Torras Coolify - Box
Torras Coolify – Box
Torras Coolify - Outer Box Open
Torras Coolify – Outer Box Open

You get an outer carton box that holds the inner plastic box containing the Torras Coolify.

Torras Coolify - Inner Box Open
Torras Coolify – Inner Box Open

It also comes with a carrying pouch for your Torras Coolify.

Torras Coolify - Box Contents
Torras Coolify – Box Contents
Torras Coolify - Instructions
Torras Coolify – Instructions

The whole design of Torras Coolify is in glossy black, which I am not a fan of. Because when you are sweating, the surface of the Torras Coolify is a fingerprint magnet. I wish they went with matte.

Torras Coolify - Top
Torras Coolify – Top

There is one button which is the power button, and 3 LEDs beside it. The LEDs determine the fan speed when it is powered on or battery life when you are charging it.

Torras Coolify - Button, Port, LEDs
Torras Coolify – Button, Port, LEDs

The USB-C port is below the power button.

The radiator is located at the back of the Torras Coolify as it is meant to come in contact with the skin on your neck.

Torras Coolify - Ku Peltier Radiator
Torras Coolify – Ku Peltier Radiator

There are also left and right markings to ensure that the Torras Coolify is upright when you wear it, so the airflow is to your head rather than blowing down your shoulders.

Torras Coolify - Vents
Torras Coolify – Vents

I am not a fan of the button placement because when you are wearing the Torras Coolify, you have to bend your arm in an awkward position to press the button.

Torras Coolify - Awkward Position
Torras Coolify – Awkward Position

Using It
There are three fan speeds available, low, medium, and high. If you are on low fan speed, the battery can last you 8 hours. However, if you are on a high fan speed, it will last you about 3 hours.

After powering on the unit, you can turn on the radiator by pressing and holding the power button for about one second. With the radiator on, it will further reduce your usage to about two hours.

Note that the radiator will be automatically switched off after 30 minutes of usage to prevent overheating the Torras Coolify. When that happens, it will emit a beep sound.

There are also holes at the back so that air can ventilate and cool down the radiator.

Torras Coolify - Back
Torras Coolify – Back

The fan of Torras Coolify is powerful and quiet. Low fan speed produces a noise level of 54 dB, and at high fan speed, it is 67 dB. It is pretty much in line with ambient noises as that measures between 60 to 70 dB.

I don’t find the Torras Coolify heavy despite measuring 344 g. During my tests, I wore it till the battery went flat, which is about 2 hours, and my neck didn’t feel a thing.

Torras Coolify - Wearing
Torras Coolify – Wearing

If you are engrossed in doing work, you will probably forget that the Torras Coolify is on your neck at all.

Does It Work?
I would say yes, and that is due to the radiator in contact with the skin on your neck, which gives you a natural cold feeling. The feeling is like putting an ice pack on the back of your neck.

Based on my thermometer, the radiator can give out a temperature below 23°C. You notice my room temperature is 30.8°C.

Torras Coolify - Radiator Temperature
Torras Coolify – Radiator Temperature

I think that the cold feeling at the back of your neck tricks your brain into thinking that it is getting cool air from the fan.

You do feel cooling for the areas above your shoulders, but if you are sweating from places below your shoulder, you will still need a fan to cool your body down.

Whether it is worth S$169 is dependant on your budget. It also includes whether you mind paying more for the brand and the product differentiation. Think of it like a Dyson vs. another brand of cordless vacuum cleaners.

Personally, I find it is a little expensive. However, I can see why this product prices that way. The packaging feels premium. The Torras Coolify is well built and differentiates itself from other neck fans with the radiator.

Torras Coolify
Torras Coolify

Besides using the Torras Coolify when you are warm, I found two other use cases.

If you are cooking or drinking something scorching, like a hot soup at home, the Torras Coolify works very well. Li Xiang has been wearing the Torras Coolify when cooking as it is sometimes hot in the kitchen. And I have been wearing the Torras Coolify when I am drinking hot soup to reduce my perspiration.