I was looking for a MagSafe mobile phone stand without the need to get a separate Apple MagSafe Charger, and I chanced upon the Charby Orbit Stand.

Charby Orbit Stand - Box
Charby Orbit Stand – Box

The Charby Orbit Stand retails for S$22.94, and shipping to Singapore is an additional S$12.15. It is not worth paying for shipping since the free shipping amount is only S$27 The S$27 is because of Black Friday, the normal free shipping amount is S$81. It is more worth it to get another item like the Orbit Power Bank.

Charby has kindly given my readers a storewide 15% discount on their website. Use the code LESTERCHAN during your checkout process to enjoy the discount.

Orbit Stand fits my use case precisely. It even comes with a MagSafe metal ring, so if you want to attach the Apple MagSafe Charger to the stand, you can stick it to the back of the Apple MagSafe Charger.

Charby Orbit Stand - Box Contents
Charby Orbit Stand – Box Contents

The whole stand is made of aluminum and weighs 114g.

Charby Orbit Stand - Front
Charby Orbit Stand – Front

The joint is 360° adjustable, which makes it easy to have your ideal viewing angle.

Charby Orbit Stand - Back
Charby Orbit Stand – Back

I wish the base was bigger and heavier so that the stand would not be so wobbly.

Charby Orbit Stand - With iPhone 14 Pro Max - Side
Charby Orbit Stand – With iPhone 14 Pro Max – Side

There are no issues with the magnets. The Charby Orbit Stand magnets are strong as they come with N52 magnets. That is stronger than Apple’s recommendations. Apple recommends N45SH magnets for MagSafe cases and N48H magnets for MagSafe accessories.

Charby Orbit Stand - With iPhone 14 Pro Max - Back
Charby Orbit Stand – With iPhone 14 Pro Max – Back

You could stick the Orbit Stand on the table as the bottom of the stand comes attached with 3M tapes. But I did not do it as it defeats its purpose of it being movable.

Charby Orbit Stand - Bottom
Charby Orbit Stand – Bottom

Given the price, I think it is still a value-for-money MagSafe stand for iPhones.

Charby Orbit Stand
Charby Orbit Stand