Roborock S8 is now available in Singapore. Roborock S8 is the successor to the popular Roborock S7, which I bought almost two years ago. Roborock S8 improves on the S7 by making cleaning easier and more efficient.

Roborock S8 retails for S$799.90 on Shopee or Lazada. But on double-digit sales day (4/4), on Tuesday, 4th April 2023, there will be a flash sale, and the price will drop to S$749.90. You will be able to stack various vouchers from the platform on top of it as well.

Roborock S8
Roborock S8

There are five main selling points of the Roborock S8.

3D Structured Light
3D Structured Light accurately identifies obstacles and hazards’ location and size in well-lit and poorly-lit environments.

I hope with this new feature, Roborock S8 can accurately detect my cloth mat on the floor and avoid it. I have to wait for my review unit to test this out.

DuoRoller Multi-directional Floating Brush
Roborock S7 only features a single floating brush. So they improved it with the Roborock S8 by adding another floating brush.

Roborock says two floating brushes allow for deeper cleaning, enhance vacuuming, and ensure fewer hair tangles.

Roborock S8 - DuoRoller
Roborock S8 – DuoRoller

Improved HyperForce 6,000Pa Extreme Suction
The most popular complaint of the Roborock S7 was the weak 2,500 Pa suction power. With the Roborock S8, the HyperForce suction has been improved to 6,000Pa.

It can now reach deeper and capture debris/dust from hard floors or carpets.

Roborock S8 - Improved HyperForce
Roborock S8 – Improved HyperForce

VibraRise 2.0 Mopping System
Roborock S7 comes with VibraRise, allowing the mop pad to be lifted 5mm above the ground when it detects the surface is unsuitable for a wet mop (at the docking station or on the carpet).

Roborock S8 improves on it with VibraRise 2.0. It can now vibrate at a frequency of 3,000 times per minute for better scrubbing while applying 6N of pressure.

Roborock S8 - VibraRise 2.0
Roborock S8 – VibraRise 2.0

Off-peak Charging Scheduling
You can choose off-peak times to charge the Roborock S8 to save on power and the costs of using peak-time electricity.

This feature does not apply to Singapore because the difference is usually negligible.