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Happy 40th Birthday To Me

I celebrated my 40th birthday yesterday with my family as I reached the mid-point of my life. The average life expectancy for males in Singapore is 80.7 in 2022. So, in gaming terms, if you started the game with 100% health, you are now down to 50% health remaining.

This phase of my life is to enjoy life as much as possible. Travel when I can walk, eat while I have teeth, and buy things I like while still working.

Zeng Hu Chu - Foyer
Zeng Hu Chu – Foyer

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Happy 39th Birthday To Me

The last birthday before my age starts with the number 4. Looking back, I have blogged for more than 22 years. The first post on this site dates back to 24th March 2002, which is my 18th birthday.

Bedrock Bar & Grill
On my actual birthday (yesterday), I went with Li Xiang to Bedrock Bar & Grill at Somerset.

Bedrock - Japanese Aged Full Blood Wagyu
Bedrock – Japanese Aged Full Blood Wagyu

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