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Updated To b2 v0.6

B2 is out of the beta stages, v0.6 will be the last release before B2 v1.0. As usual, I always keep my site up to date with the latest B2, so there you have it, it is now updated to B2 v0.6. Not much changes from v0.6pre5 to v0.6 except some minor bug fixes and backend stuffs. Pinging Cafelog for testing purposes.

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Updated To b2 v0.6pre5

Upgraded this site to B2 v0.6pre5 of the B2 blogging software, new features such as PingBack and TrackBack, which up till now I do not know how it works.
Here are the main features:

» TrackBack support (not MT’s standalone trackback)
» Pingback support: Pingback is a new way to put the ‘web’ in ‘weblogs’, as it allows your blog to automatically notify other pingback-enabled blogs that you linked to them in an entry
» some new template tags
» many bugfixes
» and many more other stuffs.

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Updated To b2 0.6pre3

*Update* If you find any bugs in my site, please give me a mail, or ICQ me, thanks alot, anyway the bugs that I fixed it myself are now offially fixed. http://tidakada.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=759

I have update this site blog software to b2 0.6pre3, I found some bugs fixed them, but the last bug which is in b2archives2.php(I rename the default archive file to b2archives2.php), seems abit wierd. Anyway now you are able to post smilies in the comments section =)

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