*Update* If you find any bugs in my site, please give me a mail, or ICQ me, thanks alot, anyway the bugs that I fixed it myself are now offially fixed. http://tidakada.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=759

I have update this site blog software to b2 0.6pre3, I found some bugs fixed them, but the last bug which is in b2archives2.php(I rename the default archive file to b2archives2.php), seems abit wierd. Anyway now you are able to post smilies in the comments section =)

Here are some improvement/bugs fixes:

» BBCode, GMCode, smilies, are now supported
» new modes of archive: daily and weekly
» you can now use a calendar (see the ReadMe)
» PHP 4.2.x with register_globals Off is now supported
» archives code has been recoded to make them just much faster
» the Team listing doesn’t show logins anymore to users which are under level 4
» and much more