Razer Lycosa
Li Xiang and I was doing our Mystery Shopper job at Lot 1 Shopping Center and I come across 1 PC shop and 1 Game shop. I got myself an old Xbox game, Capcom Fighting Evolution from the game shop thinking that it should be backward compatible with my Xbox 360. When I reached home and to my horror it is not compatible with my Xbox 360. Just wasted $19.90! I think I shall pass the game to my uncle because he is holding on to my brother Xbox.

I saw a few Razer mouses and I was looking around for Razer keyboards. I saw the Razer Lycosa and when I looked at the price, I got a shocked. They are selling for $119 which is the cheapest according to Hardware Zone forums. Even at the PC Show 2008, they are selling it for $120 with no free gifts.

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