The Jabra Sport Coach is retailing in Singapore for S$248 and is available in three colors, Blue, Red and Yellow. It is sort of the younger sibling of the Jabra Sport Pulse (S$298) which I reviewed back in May 2015.

Coach vs Pulse
The Jabra Sport Coach is S$50 cheaper because it doesn’t come with the in-ear heart rate monitor of the Jabra Sport Pulse. Surprisingly, the dimensions and weight of both the Coach and Pulse are the same, measuring about 18mm x 21mm x 32mm (H x W x D) and weighing 16g. I guess the weight of the Pulse’s in-ear heart rate monitor is being replaced by the Coach’s TrackFit Motion Sensor. The TrackFit Motion Sensor measures your distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned more accurately for cross-training and running.

Jabra Sport Coach - Box Front
Jabra Sport Coach – Box Front