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Intel’s 2010 Core Processor Family

Had a great time today at Intel’s event at Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey Village. Firstly, free flow of Ben & Jerry ice cream (I only ate five scoops and drank a cup of coke float) and secondly was the ride on the Segway! It was my first time riding the Segway. Felt nervous at first because of the phobia of falling down, but after the first two rounds got kinda used to it and it was very fun (I went a total of 4 rounds around the building). If I have some spare cash, I will definitely get one, but it is freaking ex, minimum at least S$12K.

Intel introduces a range of 32 nanometer processors across the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 family, about 29 of them. There are 3 Core strength to these processors:

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Intel Core i7

Intel has announced the successor to Intel Core 2 Quad (codename Yorkfield) to be Intel Core i7 (codename Nehalem). I suddenly feel that my Q9450 feels old.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 11, 2008 – Intel Corporation announced today that desktop processors based on the company’s upcoming new microarchitecture (codenamed “Nehalem”) will be formally branded “Intel Core processor.” The first products in this new family of processors, including an “Extreme Edition” version, will carry an “i7” identifier and will be formally branded as “Intel Core i7 processor.” This is the first of several new identifiers to come as different products launch over the next year.

Intel Core i7 Processor (Left) and Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition (Right)

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