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Elevation Dock With Lightning Adapter

When I bought the Elevation Dock, it was shipped with iPhone 30-pin connector, because the Kickstarter project was planned before the new Apple Lightning Connector was announced. Elevation Lab has been hard at work since then to manufacture the Lightning adapter for the Elevation Dock.

Finally on the 8th November 2012, the Lightning adapter is production ready! The Lightning adapter cost US$15 (S$18.30) and shipping cost US$7.22 (S$8.80), paid a total of US$22.22 (S$27.10) for it. This bring the total cost of the Elevation Dock to S$148. At that price, it is very expensive for a dock, but the quality is awesome and it is Made in the US product. The dock is future proof as the adapter is exchangeable as long as Elevation Lab is able to produce it.

Elevation Dock with Lightning Adapter - Packaging Front
Elevation Dock with Lightning Adapter – Packaging Front

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Elevation Dock

Elevation Dock was the 8th Kickstarter project that I backed. I backed it this year on the 7th February 2012 and the project got funded on the 12th February 2012. They raised a total of US$1,464,706 out of the initial goal of just US$75,000. It was supposed to be shipped in April 2012 before iPhone 5 was announced but unfortunately, there was a delay and I only received it 6 months later on the 18th October 2012.

I pledged US$79 for the Elevation Dock+ in glass bead blasted finish. The Dock+ adds shielded Line Level audio out plus USB power adapter and for international shipping it is an additional US$20. Paid a total of US$99 (S$121).

Elevation Dock - Box
Elevation Dock – Box

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