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Apple AirPods Pro

I got to know iShopChangi People’s Choice Deals through their Facebook post. They have advertised the AirPods Pro to be S$295. The recommended retail price (RRP) of AirPods Pro is S$379 on Apple.com/sg.

I camped on 30th June, and when midnight arrives, nothing. I replied to their Facebook post and went to bed. They responded the next day, mentioning the sale is at noon sharp. Again, noon arrives, nothing.

Apple AirPods Pro - Box Front
Apple AirPods Pro – Box Front

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Apple TV 4K

Bought the Apple TV 4K from iStudio at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 when I was heading to South Korea. In Singapore, the Apple TV 4K retails for S$268 for the 32GB and S$298 for the 64GB.

Since I bought it within the airport’s departure area, I don’t have to pay the extra 7% GST, and hence the Apple TV 4K cost me S$250.47 for the 32GB.

Apple TV 4K - Box Front
Apple TV 4K – Box Front

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