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LEGO Custom World Cup Minifigures by minifiglabs.com

It is the World Cup season and minifiglabs.com has come up with customised “LEGOfied” minifigure sets for 8 qualifying countries: Brazil, Spain, Japan, Germany, Italy, Argentina, England and Netherlands.

The names and numbers on the minifigures can be personalised. All minifigures are entirely poseable (not guled) and come with their own metallic gold trophy. With every purchase, you will also get a minifiglabs 6×6 stackable display case with a country flag decal as the backdrop.
Note that all designs are printed on original blank LEGO minifigure parts.

Spain LEGO MinifigsJapan LEGO Minifigs
Spain/Japan LEGO Minifigs

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LEGO Custom Minifigures by minifiglabs.com

Received my custom LEGO Minifigures (Minifig) from Minifiglabs.com. Minifiglabs.com is a service started by a Singaporean company, Fish & Toast. It allows you to create your very own printed personalised LEGO Minifigures.

I was given the Cool Denim Couple Set which consists of two custom Minifig (printed with Lay Hiang and my name) and another custom Minifig with my logo printed on it.

Minifiglabs.com's Prices
Minifiglabs.com’s Prices

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Lester Chan’s Resume

It is just a sudden urge in me that happens last night that I wanted to finish my Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume as soon as possible. I have no idea why, perhaps it is the stress level of finding jobs, hearing how many graduates have problem finding jobs and how bad the World economy was especially Singapore. I spend about two days to complete my hard copy resume, the one which I am going to post/email out eventually and the one which is available on my website. I printed 3 copies to be kept in my mom’s office just in case there are visitors from her IT vendors, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) or even Spring Singapore.

If everything goes well, I should be able to finish my studies before 5th December 2009 (it is the last day of NUS AY09/10 semester 1 exams), my convocation should be sometime next year in June. I still got about 9 more months left to go.

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