My WordPress Plugins October 2007 Update

As promised, I have release updates to 12 of my plugins and added 2 new plugins. All of them are compatible with WordPress 2.3 but not all of them are backward compatible with WordPress 2.1 or 2.2.

The 2 new plugins are WP-DownloadManager and WP-PluginsUsed. As the name of the plugins suggest, WP-DownloadManager simply enhanced your WordPress by adding a simple download manager to it. WP-PluginsUsed will displays both active and inactive plugins that you are using in your WordPress blog.

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My WordPress Plugins June 2007 Update

It is 1st June 2007 over my side (GMT+8) while the rest of the world may still be at 31st May 2007. I am proud to present to you my 12 updated plugins out of a total of 14 plugins. Most of them are just bugs fixes and some new minor features here and there. The plugins that changes the most are WP-Polls, WP-PageNavi, WP-Ban, WP-DBManager and of course WP-Sticky is now 1.00 instead of 1.00 beta 2.

WP-Polls now feature multiple options, future poll scheduling, poll data log mining and some parts of the admin backend are now AJAXed.

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WordPress 2.2

WordPress 2.2 has been released and as usual I have updated GaMerZ.WordPress to it. Here are the goodies copy + paste from

» WordPress Widgets allow you to easily rearrange and customize areas of your weblog (usually sidebars) with drag-and-drop simplicity. This functionality was originally available as a plugin Widgets are now included by default in the core code, significantly cleaned up, and enabled for the default themes.
» Full Atom support, including updating our Atom feeds to use the 1.0 standard spec and including an implementation of the Atom Publishing API to complement our XML-RPC interface.
» A new Blogger importer that is able to handle the latest version of Googles Blogger product and seamlessly import posts and comments without any user interaction beyond entering your login.
» Infinite comment stream, meaning that on your Edit Comments page when you delete or spam a comment using the AJAX links under each comment it will bring in another comment in the background so you always have 20 items on the page. (I know it sounds geeky, but try it!)
» We now protect you from activating a plugin or editing a file that will break your blog.
» Core plugin and filter speed optimizations should make everything feel a bit more snappy and lighter on your server.
» Weve added a hook for WYSIWYG support in a future version of Safari.

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Plugins Updated For WordPress 2.1

Alongside with the release of WordPress 2.1 today, I have updated the following plugins for WordPress 2.1. Most of them will work for WordPress 2.1 only and it will break if you use it for WordPress 2.0.x. If you need any plugin for WordPress 2.0.x for some reasons, the download link is included in that plugin’s readme.html. I have also release 1 new plugin called WP-ServerInfo, it will display your host’s server PHP and MYSQL information (integrated into WordPress Admin Style) on your WordPress dashboard.

11 Updated Plugins:
WP-Ban 1.10
» Readme/Changelog
» Download
» Support Forum

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Updated 4 Of My WordPress Plugins & 1 New WordPress Plugin

I have released updates for 4 of my WordPress plugins namely, WP-Polls 2.13, WP-PostRatings 1.05, WP-Stats 2.06 and WP-UserOnline 2.06. These 4 plugins have been internationalized. You can now easily localize it by translating it into your own language by modifying the .po file that is inside the zip with PoEdit.

I have also release 1 new plugin called WP-Ban. It enables WordPress Admin to ban users by their IP or host name from visiting your WordPress site. When the banned users visit your WordPress Site, they will get a message which can be edited via WP-Admin -> Options -> Ban -> Ban Message.

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My WP Plugins Update Mar 06

Today is the first day of March 2006, as usual, I have released updates for 7 of my plugins and created another 3 plugins.

If you are frustrated with my messy installation instructions for my plugins, this update is for you. Now for wp-dbmanager, wp-polls, wp-email you just need to upload the whole folder to the plugins folder, upload the main file to the root WordPress folder and activate and it is done. You no longer need to upload different files to different directories and no longer need to run install/upgrade files.

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WordPress 2.01

WordPress 2.01 was released 2 days ago. They had fixed about 114 bugs.

Some of the fixes/improvements:
» You can now specify an upload directory, and whether to use date-based storage or not.
» Caching has been fixed under certain PHP environments.
» Permalinks have been fixed for weird enviroments as well.
» XML-RPC uploading works.
» Compatibility with older versions of PHP.
» Several WYSIWYG fixes and cleanups.
» Imports now use much less memory.
» Now works with MySQL 5.0 in strict mode.

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