Yaki Yaki Bo
Yesterday was Li Xiang 24th birthday. Had a mini celebration with her by eating at Yaki Yaki Bo at Jurong Point at the newly opened Japanese food area called Shokutsu 10 – Osaka. It is a Teppanyaki Restaurant, similar concept to Sakae Teppanyaki. The interesting thing is that instead of placing your food on plates or aluminum foil, the place it on top of a bread perhaps to absorb the oil. Prices range between S$12.90 to S$29.90 for the executive set meals.

Personally I think that the chef at Yaki Yaki Bo do not have much skills as compared to the chef at Sakae Teppanyaki. There is almost no performance and the way the cook is very “neat” whereas the chef at Sakae Teppanyaki do perform some tricks and he cook the food almost all over the place.