Sorry for the lack of updates on this site, been very busy for the past week. Anyway, I just got back from a 3D2N chalet at Pasir Ris Downtown East with my polytechnic classmates, I can say it was very very fun, and I really enjoyed it. It is actually a birthday chalet for 4 of mine classmates. Had about 2 chalets with my poly classmates, and I can say that this is the best, the photos of the chalet will be uploaded soon, that are about 105 photos altogether.
First day, we reach downtown east at about 1.30pm, we thought that the check-in is 2pm, as most chalets the standard check-in time is 2pm, but the check-in time for downtown east is 4pm, so we decided to go for a ktv session. We sang from about 2pm to 7pm, but half-way through the session, some of us did the checking in at 4pm. At 7pm, we left the ktv and proceeded back to our rooms which are 2007 for the guys and 2008 for the girls. We unpacked our stuffs and proceed to a nearby coffee shop to have our dinner. After dinner, we went back and we played some games before proceeding to our game of mahjong. We guys went back to our own rooms to take a rest around 5am.

Second day, I woke up at about 11.30pm, we watched some television programs before proceeding next door for a mahjong session, at 3pm we started the barbeque fire and all the way to 9pm, all of us are outside busy barbequing the food, there were quite a lot of left over food. We started the ˜party at the nearby beach, the cutting of birthday cake, water bombing, etc. It was very fun, and the best part of the chalet was this. I still managed to dodge 5 incoming water bombs, am I good or what? Lolz. After the ˜party we went back to our rooms to bath and as usual we guys proceeded next door for another mahjong session, at about 6am we started the photo taking session of the 4 birthday boys and girls opening their birthday present, we try to capture their first facial expression when they saw their present. We went back to our room to sleep at about 7.30am.

Third day, we leave the chalet and checked out at 10.30am, 2 of them took bus back and the remaining 7 of us took the mrt back home. It was a very fun and enjoyable experience for all of us, and we hope we can book another chalet around November 2002 and be as fun as this. Friends Forever.