World Cup 2002 Day 9

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21:23 2nd 1/2 of the match abit boring, only 1 and only goal from Ronaldo, fair or rather clean game played, only 20 fouls and 3 free kicks. Wanted to see more Carlos trademark freekick and goals, but nevertheless, China did a good job.

20:20 Yay, Brazil is leading by 3 goals, score at half-time Brazil(3)-China(0), the first goal by Carlos is definately superb, very excellent free kick. Carlos lives up to his name.

19:00 2nd match of the day is exciting, Italy lose 2-0 to Croatia, LOL. Croatia winning goal is very lucky I must say. Italy almost equalise at the last min, but that goal not counted because of an offside.

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Matches Played
South Africa(1) : Slovenia(0)
Italy(1) : Croatia(2)
Brazil(4) : China PR(0)

Tomorrow(9th June 2002) Matches
Mexico : Ecuador [9th June 2:30pm]
Costa Rica : Turkey [9th June 5:00pm]
Japan : Russia [9th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times

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