Went out to pray in the morning, then went to Liang Court to eat Swensens for my lunch, bought a Levis jeans, come back home and almost sleep the whole day LOL.

*Warcraft III News* Read yesterday papers about an advertisment regarding the launch of Warcraft III:Reign Of Chaos at Funan on 1st July 2002 organised by Gaming.Starhub. And on Gaming.Starhub Warcraft III Channel, there is a countdown timer to 1st July 2002 where Warcraft III will be launched. Price is estimated at S$56.70 for the normal box, wonder how much will the limited edition box cost?

Matches Played
Mexico(2) : Ecuador(1)
Costa Rica(1) : Turkey(1)
Japan(1) : Russia(0)

Tomorrow(10th June 2002) Matches
Korea Republic : USA [10th June 2:30pm]
Tunisia : Belgium [10th June 5:00pm]
Portugal : Poland [10th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times