Sad, but true, France is out of the World Cup 2002. In summary, Denmark and Senegal got into the 2nd round for group A. For group E, Germany and Ireland went through to the 2nd round.

Group A – 2nd Round
Group E – 2nd Round
-Rep. of Ireland

Matches Played
Denmark(2) : France(0)
Senegal(3) : Uruguay(3)
Cameroon(0) : Germany(2)
Saudi Arabia(0) : Rep. of Ireland(3)

Tomorrow(12th June 2002) Matches
Sweden : Argentina [12th June 2:30pm]
Nigeria : England [12th June 2:30pm]
South Africa : Spain [12th June 7:30pm]
Slovenia : Paraguay [12th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times