21.30 Updated the stats, for group B, Spain and Paraguay make it to the second round. In non world cup news, CS 1.5 and HL is out. For those CS freaks, get on to CS Nation or paGn to get the files.

16:25 Oh my god, Argentina is out of the world cup after drawing with Sweden, Argentina played very well, but they just dont’t have the luck to win the match, on the other hand, Sweden is very lucky and their defense is very good. The only goal by Sweden in the match was from a very beautiful free kick. This year is really wierd, top teams like France, Argentina, Holland didn’t even make it to the quarter finals. Wonder what more surprises are installed for us.

15:22 Watched the Sweden-Argentina that match, Argentina keep attacking and Sweden keep defending, almost like a one-sided game, ball possession Argentina(65%)-Sweden(35%). The other match Nigeria-England is also 0-0 at half time.

01:46 Its now almost 2am, nothing to do, too lazy to program the color scheme of this site even though the color scheme is done, what to do, humans are born lazy. So I updated the World Cup 2002 stuffs.

2nd Round Matches
49) Germany : Paraguay [15th June 2002 2.30pm]
50) Denmark : England [15th June 2002 7.30pm]
51) Sweden : Senegal [16th June 2002 2.30pm]
52) Spain : Ireland [16th June 2002 7.30pm]

Group B – 2nd Round

Group F – 2nd Round

Matches Played
Sweden(1) : Argentina(1)
Nigeria(0) : England(0)
South Africa(2) : Spain(3)
Slovenia(1) : Paraguay(3)

Tomorrow(13th June 2002) Matches
Costa Rica : Brazil [13th June 2:30pm]
Turkey : China PR [13th June 2:30pm]
Mexico : Italy [13th June 7:30pm]
Ecuador : Croatia [13th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times