10.30 This site went down just now, well now it is up, I will continue with the updates. Ecuador beats Croatia 1-0, Mexico draws with Italy 1-1. Italy scored a number of goals, but the offside flag is raised before that. Haha. For group G, Mexico and Italy got into the 2nd rounds, tomorrow will be the last day for group matches, after that, all matches will be in a knock-out mode.

16.30 Watched the match between Costa Rica and Brazil, Costa Rica did very well, but Brazil was better, 3rd goal by Edmilson was simply fantastic, very exciting matches, as usual Brazil played a very clean game, or should I say all the while? With only 6 fouls for the team throughout the match. In the other match, Turkey trash China 3-0. For group C, Brazil and Turkey got into the 2nd round. Brazil is the second team to have 9pts.

2:00 Added in WorldCup Module, and yes it is synchronize FIFA World Cup Official Site. Thanks to Guvenc Kaplan for thise excellent piece of code. The WorldCup Module might take some time to load =)

Group C – 2nd Round

Group G – 2nd Round

Matches Played
Costa Rica(2) : Brazil(5)
Turkey(3) : China PR(0)
Mexico(1) : Italy(1)
Ecuador(1) : Croatia(0)

Tomorrow(14th June 2002) Matches
Tunisia : Japan [14th June 2:30pm]
Belgium : Russia [14th June 2:30pm]
Portugal : Korea Republic [14th June 7:30pm]
Poland : USA [14th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times