21.30 DAMM IT, I can’t believe that Korea beat Portugal, Portugal just lack luck, nevermind hope they can do better in the next World Cup in Germany. Lets hope Korea faces Brazil somewhere Brazil will whack them with as many goals as possible. Go Brazil!~!~! For Group D Korea and USA went into the 2nd round.

14.30 yes, Japan did Asia proud by topping Group H and making thier way to the 2nd round. Joining them in the 2nd round is Belgium which is 2nd in Group H.

2.30 Hmm interesting stuffs about the world cup:

Brazil last won the world cup in 1994.
Before that they won it in 1970.
Add 1970 and 1994, it equals 3964.

Argentina last won the world cup in 1986.
Before that they won it in 1978.
Add 1978 and 1986, it equals 3964.

Germany last won in 1990.
Before that they won in 1974.
Add 1990 and 1974, it equals 3964.

So going by this logic, the winner of the 2002 world cup
is the same as the 3964 – 2002 = 1962 world cup.
The 1962 world cup was won by Brazil

1:00 Updated the ususal stuffs, today will be the last day of the group matches. So expect only 2 matches per day for the next few days. =)

Remaining 2nd Round Matches
53) Mexico : USA [17th June 2002 2.30pm]
54) Brazil : Belgium [17th June 2002 7.30pm]
55) Japan : Turkey [18th June 2002 2.30pm]
56) Korea : Italy [18th June 2002 7.30pm]

Group D – 2nd Round

Group H – 2nd Round

Matches Played
Tunisia(0) : Japan(2)
Belgium(3) : Russia(2)
Portugal(0) : Korea Republic(1)
Poland(3) : USA(1)

Tomorrow(15th June 2002) Matches
Germany : Paraguay [15th June 2:30pm]
Denmark : England [15th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times