22:15 Spain won Ireland and proceed to the quarter final. Final score is 3-2 [PK].

17:00 Senegal beat Sweden 2-1 in extra time, wierd now is immediatley golden goal followed by penalty, no more ‘normal’ extra time. More Warcraft 3 screenshots. The screenshot is captured in tga format with semi transparency, I need to fill the background color with some dark color.

ore matches left to quarter finals. 14 days more to end of world cup fever.

Quater Final

Matches Played
Sweden(1) : Senegal(2) [ET]
Spain(3) : Ireland(2) [PK]

Tomorrow(17th June 2002) Matches
Mexico : USA [17th June 2:30pm]
Brazil : Belgium [17th June 7:30pm]

All matches are in (SG) times