21:41 Turkey won Senegal by a goal to nil in extra time. They will be facing Brazil again in the semi-finals on Wednesday, June 26 2002 @ 7.30pm. GO BRAZIL!~!~!~

17:12 Korea beat Spain in penalty kick 5-3, damm it, Korea is really damm lucky. Everyday is Sunday to them. Germany against Korea on Tuesday, June 25 2002 @ 7.30pm for the semi-final match. GO GERMANY!~!~!

15:24 Boring 1st half of the match between Spain and Korea, I see the way Korea play, cannot make it,
wonder how they manage to defeat Portugal and Italy, maybe they are lucky at the time. For the 1st half, they hardly attack Spain at all, and Spain did all the attacking.

Semi-Finals Team

Matches Played
Spain(3) : Korea(5) [PK]
Senegal(0) : Turkey(1) [ET]