Watched the movie today, all time slots are sold out except the midnight slot, lucky for us we had booked it earlier, theatre was packed, show lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes. The show is funny, but storyline not that good, the first sequel was better, and the movie was too short. Shall not be the spolier, watch it and you will know.

Played 3 hours of Counter-Strike today 1 hour before the movie and 2 hour after the movie at E-2-E, the players there are newbies and not much people playing CS. We trash them of course, but the CS is version 1.1, which is much better then version 1.3 and above.

Tomorrow will be going for my first driving lessons, registered since May 26th, but no time to take the lessons. The whole driving course will last about a year or so. Once pass, I can drive my dad’s car, hehehe.