CANI Assignments

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Woot, my CANI assignment 1 proposal is approved by my lecturer, and I am allowed to use FBS – Ya MaMa for my animation music. CANI assignment 2 will be in group work, we did the treatment, will be sending an email over to the lecturer tomorrow to get his approval before we countinue.

Went to SP main library at about 2pm to do some research on company annual report as our P&Q2 assignment 1 requires us to analysis it. Company we chose is DBS Holdings.

Just finished playing 3 rounds of Warcarft III, 1st round win, 2nd round lose, the final round we won but the battle lasted 2 hours, and fist time my hero got level 10 in a multiplayer game. Second in the table, first is phuse, as usual.

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