Today we celebrate Jie Lin and Kai Ni belated birthdays. We ordered the cake from SP Co-Op Shop since last week, collected it only today, it is a mango cheese cake. We cut the cake at food court 5 in sp, so many people is looking at us when we were singing the birthday song. LOL

Later on went to KTV at Chinatown to celebrate their belated birthdays, we sang from 3pm right up to 8pm, later on went to Maxwell market to have our dinner. It was so fun during the 5 hours in the ktv. Really enjoyed our day.

Finally 9 of us (Me, Wei Quan, Jacky, Alvin, Choon Sing, Hui Juan, Xiu Yu, Jie Lin, Kai Ni) are all 18, can go to pub together legally. Photos will be added when I am free, most probably during weekends. Updated the site with a new feature, allows people to print the blog in a friendly format.