Learnt rigging during CANI pratical lessons, rigging basically means boned your character. Not that difficult actually. During DEUI tutorial, my classmate, Zhi Fan, when presenting tutorial 3, his speech make us all laugh, it is very very funny, the way he talk. ROFL

Stayed back in school till 5pm to discuss CANI assignment 2 with Klaus and gang. After some calculations, the movie we estimate is about 2 minutes long, but our assignment requirements is only 30-45 secs. LOL

Went to eat my favourite duck noodle stall in Tanglin Halt for dinner, yum yum. After dinner, came back home and start coding b2stats.php till now. For those people who is interested, the source code can be found here. Hehe.

Will be meeting Ai Lian for lunch tomorrow before procceding back to school to do Entreneurship assignment 1 again with Alvin and gang.