School ended at 1pm for me today, went to ABC market for lunch with my girlfriend, met my 1 of my primary school mate at the busstop there, later on went to Funan to check on UT2003, sad to say it is not out yet and the sales person do not even know when it will be out.

Later on went back to school with her to do IWED, well all the asp part of my IWED is done, now left with contents and graphics. Also completed 2 classes of my DSAL assignment, still got long way to go.

Stayed in school till 6.30pm where the lab is closing and the lab tech chases us out. Later on went to Suntec City’s foodcourt for dinner. LOL. been to Suntec City so many times this 2 weeks. Hehe

Woot, tomorrow is a Saturday