Today is IWED assignment2 deadline, didn’t edit since yesterday, handed in way before the deadline which is 5pm, lecturer will be conducting an interview with our group on Tuesday at 11am. Left school at about 3.30pm, didn’t do much stuffs in school excpect for DSAL assignment, the progress looks good, hope I can finished it by the deadline.

Went to Orchard for shopping, bought UT2K3 at PK Computer store for $64.90, free 1 poster, and the poster is very nice and big. Ate dinner at Orchard Point food court, the Korean food there is nice, but didn’t try it because the queue is so long, anyway the food court food sucks except maybe for that Korean food.

Tomorrow is a Saturday, will be going to school to add in the sound effects for my group CANI assignment 2, leaving my computer on overnight to render the CANI scene.