As usual, woke up at about 12pm, waited till almost 2pm then had my lunch. Had an appointment to eat lunch with my mom and bro. Went to eat Kenny Rogers at Great World City. Came back played a bit of games then studied IWED for the 3rd time till dinner time. Hehe

Went to Alexandra Hawker Center for dinner, ate the Prawn Noodle there, drank Banana Milk Shake. Both taste not bad. Hehe. Came back again studied IWED for the 4th time, getting sick of it, but what to do, need to study it for tomorrow exams.

My girlfriend will be coming my house tomorrow morning to study IWED, same as me, also for the 5th time. Time of IWED exams also starts at 6pm and at 8.10pm. Sigh, so late.

Good luck to all students taking IWED tomorrow.