Didn’t went out today, only leave the house for lunch and dinner. Spent the afternoon organising the chalet photos to be viewed online(resizing, compressing, etc). For that alone takes about the whole afternoon, before you know it, it is night. Time flies.

Long time didn’t download songs, flip though 8 Days magazine and download all those top songs which are on the chart. After which went to eat HongKong Street Cooked Food at Alexander Road, that stall also quite famous, been onto a few food programs before.

Came back, browse through the Ikea 2003 catalog to look for some desks to buy for my room. Saw one very nice, made of metal and the tabletop is made of tempered glass. Will be buying on Sunday if my uncle is free, because I need his MPV car to fetch it, it is too big to fit in my parents’ car.