Went to Marina Square to watch The Guru before proceeding to Billy’s Farewell party at Union Square. Wow didn’t know Billy can rap so well, trance/dance music by DJ Ash(I think) plus his rap, rocks. I do not mind buying the CD if there is one, but it is a pity such a good CANI lecturer has to leave, sad.

Left the party earlier because my girlfriend was not feeling well, so we proceed home. 2 of her friends which is also my coursemates(obviously), also stayed overnight at my house, so that makes a total of 4 people(including me) sleep in 1 room, not really that cramp. Still can accommodate 2 more people. Hehe

Went to eat Tim Sum for lunch with them and my parent at Lei Garden, before sending my girlfriend back home. After that went to Ikea with my uncle to buy the table and on the way have our dinner at the cafe there.

Billy will be leaving on 7th December 2002 (Saturday) for a backpack trips to many countries. If I am free, I will definitely go to the airport to sent him off, as I do not know when the next time I will get to see him again.

The photos are up at the Poly Gallery, total of 22 of them taken with Zhi Wei digital camera, too lazy to bring along mine. Hehe

Billy : If you are reading this, Lester Chan here wishing you all the best and best of luck on your backpack trip. Take care and do keep in touch.

Ai Lian aka D-n-a : Take care and hope that you have a speedy recovery. Hehe =)