Hehe, from now on I think I shall address my girlfriend as Lian in here, sounds nicer and more personal.

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch with Lian and my brother, ate the usual Spicy Beef Vegetable Soup Set from the Korean Stall. Went to walk round Tiong Bahru Plaza for a while, Lian bought 2 comics and my brother bought the orange Converse “Grass” slippers.

Came home, did all the image resizing, all can be done in less than 10 minutes thanks to the power of Actions in PhotoShop 7. Wanted to change pictures of some old products as they have a new packaging, but I just could not upload the image, looks like the directory is missing or the permission of the folder is not set. It is a Windows based server anyway.

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza again after Lian’s work as she want to buy some clothes. Bought for her a skirt. Hehe.

Ate dinner with my mom and brother, my dad went fishing with his friends. Will be watching Harry Potter: Chambers of Secrets tomorrow at GV Marina with Lian. I have booked the tickets, if not I think will sold out even if I go 2 hours before the show.