Nothing really interesting happen today, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch, ate the Fish Claypot Rice, got scolding by Lian for eating the burnt rice, I ate it because burnt rice is the best part of the Claypot Rice. LOL

Left 1 product’s price my mom missed out, other than that the 2nd batch can be considered done. Will be taking pictures of the 4th batch tomorrow, these pictures will not be put up in the internet, rather it will be used for catalog.

Came back did the Christmas header, of course the snow and snowman is not done by me, but by Lian. She is just so pro in drawing. Speaking of Christmas, it is 23 days more till it. Hehe

The old ripper is back, ripping Paranoia’s picture and Markism Wallpaper, but this time, Orientek is taking serious action about it. Check out this thread.